Saturday 03/02/2024 10:00 am

Hoboken LepreCon Day 2024

Hoboken LepreCon Day spawned from Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and is one of the biggest phenomenons New Jersey has ever seen. This is a true St. Paddy’s Day celebration that attracts tourists from multiple states from Philadelphia to New York. Hoboken LepreCon Day is held annually every year on the first Saturday of March! This is the official kickoff party to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for the month of March.

The festivities begin in the morning where thousands of people will start to drink and bar crawl. With all of Hoboken’s best bars in on the action they are eagerly awaiting your arrival with spectacular food and or drink specials. The event normally starts at 10am and will end around 5pm. Hoboken LepreCon Day is simply a day you cannot miss. If you are not normally a day drinker this event may change your mind.

One thing that makes this event so special is that everyone will be dressed up with St Paddy’s apparel such as Shamrock shirts and glasses and may even be dressed up as leprechauns. Everyone is on the same mission to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early on the first weekend in march. This year the date is set for Saturday, March 2nd, 2024.

All the bars will be fully staffed and packed with friendly pub crawlers all bar hopping on LepreCon Day. There will be Djs at select venues to keep the party going all day! We all know how much energy some of the best Djs can bring to the party. They will be playing music that will keep the party jumping! If you plan to attend it’s best to get your tickets as early as possible as prices are subject to rise as we get closer to the event. When you do secure your ticket it is important to know to get there on time or even a little early to avoid long waits on lines.

This event is for anyone and everyone 21 years or older. Even if you are not Irish this is your chance to party like the Irish at all your favorite and the best bars in Hoboken, NJ. This is the first and highly anticipated event of the new year as the weather starts to warm up. promotes safety and urges everyone to plan how you will get to Hoboken and how to get home safely. Please party responsibly and have an amazing time!


Disclaimer: Must be 21 years or older to participate in our events. Participating bars as well as food and drink specials are subject to change. All sales are final as there are no refunds.