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The Official 2023 Hoboken LepreCon Bar Crawl Is Here!

Just like every year, we expect the 2023 Hoboken LepreCon Pub Crawl event to be an absolute blast. Do not miss out on the opportunity to make timeless memories with your friends in one of the greatest cities in the world. Do you have the luck of the Irish?

Why Get a Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Ticket?

Curated Venue Selection

We have put in the time to find the best venues in the city so you don’t have to!

Exclusive Promotions

All of our Crawlers get access to the best promotions put on by the best venues – just for our Crawls! The ticket essentially pays for itself.

Ease of Crawling

It’s pretty simple, you purchase your ticket and we take care of everything else! All you have to do is show up to the registration area and prepare for a good time!

Hoboken LepreCon 2023

For our experienced Crawlers – you already know this is the event of the season. For our newer Crawlers – the Hoboken LepreCon Crawl is one that will have you just experience for yourself. With a line-up of some of our best bars, the infamous green drinks, and everyone trying to create their own “luck of the Irish”, it is a “can’t miss” event. For tickets starting at $19.99, this event essentially pays for itself (as many of our previous Crawlers have pointed out) and we want the opportunity to create as many treasured pot-o’-gold memories as possible.

Buy a ticket by clicking the button below! We will see you Saturday, March 4th 2023 in Hoboken.

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