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Welcome to Hoboken, New Jersey!

Welcome to Hoboken, New Jersey!

Founded March 28th, 1855, the city of Hoboken, New Jersey was born the waterfront neighbor to one of the most iconic cities in the world; New York City. When it was founded, it became a prime hub for rail and water-based transportation, and actually became the prime point of embarkation for soldiers in World War I. Because of its accessibility for transport to the rest of the world, Hoboken became one of the epicenters for factories and thus one of the prime emigration destinations for those pursing the great American Dream.

In 1958, the technological advancement of contanizeration for ship cargo began to slow the utilization of Hoboken ports. As a result, factories began closing and unemployment rose. What was once a bustling economic hotspot in the United States suddenly became a destination of despair for some. This was short-lived, however, as in the 1970’s President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration championed the idea of “Model Cities”, which leveraged the use of low-interest rate loans to homeowners and investors alike in an attempt to revitalize communities that were economically damaged following World War II. Despite going through hard times, Hoboken remained a irreplicable desination because of the grit and determination of the community and the well-preserved charm of the architectural structures.

Today, Hoboken still maintains that beautiful mix of grit and charm. It is inhabitated by those dream big and party hard. It will most likely always be overshadowed by its neighbor across the waterfront, as the “City of Lights” has ingrained itself in American and global culture as an iconic destination, but Hoboken, New Jersey will continue to be a city of culture, history, and a majestic tapestry of those who built her and those who now inhabit here.

We at believe Hoboken is truly one of the greatest cities in the world, both in party in and to live in. The bars are owned and operated by successful entrepreneurs who have pursed the American Dream and won due to their own unique style and flavoring of atmosphere. The close promities of establishments allows patrons to manuever in and out of venues with ease, and for our purposes, provides the perfect city for a Pub Crawl. We highly recommend anyone that is new to to check out our events for Hoboken, New Jersey here, and we hope to see you soon!