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LepreCon 2022 is Officially Here!

LepreCon is Back - And Better Then EVER!

Hoboken Leprecon Day is more than back., the world’s largest pub crawl company, is not just bringing back the historical event that has been with Hoboken since the days of when Frank Sinatra sang and lived in the town of Hoboken. did everything in their power to not just produce the best pub crawls they took extremely high precautions to keep everyone safe during a pandemic and never took a day off although they skipped last year for the safety of their customers. They did not stop improving their technology! They vowed to make sure that when the world opened up they would be ready to bring a bigger and better experience to their hoboken bar crawl patrons. 

After implementing a state of the art 3D digital map they were able to expand their operations from offering patrons nearly 20 bars and restaurants to 100 bars and restaurants! While the world’s most social and outgoing people were quarantining, the team at feverishly focused on continuing to develop new technology and refine existing technology. Building this new technology was focused on giving the customer a better experience. A few months before LepreCon Day was announced there was a strong outreach from bar owners, restaurant owers, club owners and the majority of local businesses asking to bring back this day as it would greatly help the economy in Hoboken, New Jersey. After taking a look at the futuristic technology that had been recently developed they realized it could have a dual benefit as it could benefit the local businesses; nearly 20,000 tourists pour into Hoboken, New Jersey during the holidays (and even more for extremely popular holidays) and we recognized that by utilizing new technology we could bring in those tourists to our friends in the Hoboken local business community. 

We are proud to announce there will be 100 businesses participating in this years Hoboken LepreCon event. This will also be an immense help to the local police department in keeping the streets orderly and safe during event season; the interactive maps have a feature that will allow users to get minute-by-minute updates on wait times for their favorite bars and venues! For, example if you are in line at Texas Arizona and there is the commonly known 30 minute wait (they are fantastic, we highly recommend you peruse their food and beverages), the interactive map will be able to tell you to go to the Shannon where there is only a 5 minute wait. This way there will be more people getting into the bars and less people waiting in line. From us at,, and, we hope this is your best year yet and we will continue to explore innovative ways to make events even more enjoyable for our patrons. 

May the luck of the Irish be with you this St. Patrick’s Day!